A city tour through Zurich's colonial past

Follow the traces of Zurich's colonial history via audio guide
City tours of the exhibition "Blind Spots: Zurich and Colonialism" are already fully booked. We have a waiting list. Thank you for the great interest.

The Anny Klawa Morf Foundation also offers guided tours on Zurich's colonial history. You can find more information here

How it works

1. find station

Follow the suggested route on our map and visit the individual stations on site.

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Coming soon - Scan the QR code on site and get directly connected to the colonial history of the place.


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About us

The association Zürich Kolonial emerged from the academic environment of historical studies in Zurich. We focus on a public and cooperative approach, in the course of which we constantly review and develop our concepts. Our goal is to educate a broad public about Zurich's colonial history with an audio guide.

Although Switzerland itself did not formally have any colonies, it was nevertheless heavily involved in the colonial projects of other European nations. Zurichers became rich from overseas plantations, invested in slavery, organised ethnological shows and served as mercenaries in colonial armies, to name just a few examples. The effects of this continue to this day in the form of global wealth inequality and racial prejudice.

With the city walk, we want to draw attention to these colonial entanglements and thereby campaign for a non-violent, just and tolerant society. In order to provide access also for people who cannot be on site, there is the possibility to listen to or read the texts online.On behalf of the association: Charlotte Hoes, Philipp Krauer, Monique Ligtenberg, Eliane Schmid, Stephanie Willi